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REAL Colorado is an initiative of the CCI Health and Human Services Steering Committee. The initiative is calling for a human services system delivered through local-state partnership that is more responsive, efficient and accountable. Since starting in November 2010, members of the initiative have played a key role in the following efforts:

  1. Asked Governor Hickenlooper’s Administration to develop an Executive Order regarding un-funded mandates on local governments. Executive Order 2011-005 Establishing a Policy to Enhance the Relationship between State and Local Government was enacted earlier this year.
  2. Collaboration between counties and the Colorado Department of Human Services to analyze federal and state funding streams for funded and un-funded requirements.
  3. Communication with the Colorado Department of Human Services as it undertakes a comprehensive review of all Human Services rules.
  4. Providing educational materials to Colorado legislators on the benefits of a locally-administered, state-supervised human services system.
  5. Amending CCI’s Policy Statement to incorporate the principles of REAL Colorado and provide guidance to all of CCI’s steering committees.
  6. Collaborating with the Colorado Department of Human Services in the development of their SFY 2012 budget priorities.
  7. Reaching out and securing the support of groups like the Metro Area of County Commissioners.

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