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CCI Foundation Corporate Associate Program

  • Demands on county governments have become more complex and county leaders continually seek new, innovative, cost effective ways to provide services to their citizens.
  • The program puts you in touch with key county decision makers: commissioners, mayors, councilmembers, managers, road and bridge supervisors, county attorneys and health and human services managers.
  • The program helps nurture a strong relationship with the private sector will prove beneficial to all Coloradans.
  • The program will give your organization exposure and access to county officials and give you ongoing access to information about county issues and activities across the state.
  • The program is an efficient and cost effective way for your company to interact with purchasing decision makers for Colorado’s 64 counties for the entire year.
  • The program can play a large role in your marketing efforts. Counties benefit by identifying potential suppliers who have demonstrated interest in county business.

How do I apply to become a Corporate Associate?

CCI invites you to become a CCI Foundation Corporate Associate at one of four levels which means there is a level available for every marketing need and budget. Each level entitles members to certain basic benefits, with the higher levels offering an increasing level of participation, visibility and more opportunities to reach Colorado’s 64 counties.

For additional information and questions about this exciting marketing opportunity, please contact Michael Smith at 303-861-4076 or

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